True North is fortunate to have many high level certified VMware engineers on staff.  We have a great partnership with VMware and our own Cloud utilizes VMware’s virtualization platform and eco system products.

While VMware provides amazing products, these products can often be overwhelming for the SMB engineer.  With awesome and amazing comes flexibility, customization, in depth configuration options, advanced settings, etc.  The ability to fine tune the Hyper-Visor to function properly with the networking stack and the storage systems can also be a challenge.  While not super difficult, processes and procedures that must be followed correctly to ensure optimal performance.  This is especially true if trying to tweak, fix, change production environments without causing maintenance windows or an outage.

With all the possible settings available it is very common that we find many misconfigurations or lack of adherence to Best Practice standards.  While Best Practices may not always be the best for everyone, they are worth evaluating regardless.

Networking and Storage configurations tend to be the most common mysteries we end up solving for customers.  Virtual Switching and Datastore misconfigurations are common.  These two aspects of the virtual environment are crucial to proper resiliency.  Items such as path redundancy, path selection policies and NIC teaming all contribute to a solid configuration.

True North engineers have a particular partner tool at our disposal that allows for quick data collection and analysis of your vSphere Infrastructure. The VMware vSphere Health Analyzer allows our engineers to gather data and compare it to a Best Practice database and displays misconfigurations in a very customer friendly report format.  Our engineers will utilize other tools, customer engagement and experience to tune the findings for customer specific recommendations.


The data collection process is non intrusive and is typically run from the assigned engineers laptop while on premise or via VPN depending on the customers security posture and connectivity methods.  The VMware vSphere Health Analyzer connects to vCenter over 443 using an account with a known set of required privileges.

The report is then delivered with follow up engagements to discuss the results.

We make the entire process painless and easy.  At the end of the engagement you have a much better understanding and insight into your vSphere environment and have our suggestions on how to make improvements.

Contact myself or Info@TrueNorthITG.com for further details or engagement!