A solid Cloud platform is only as solid as the connectivity leading into your Cloud services.

We evaluated many options for our Las Vegas presence and the choice was very clear.

Switch SUPERNAP facilities can simply not be beat to when it comes to reliability and the sheer number of on-premise connectivity providers.  Many of our customers will access our Cloud services via the Internet so finding a partner with a solid Internet Connectivity solution was very important.  The graphic below depicts the basic design and connectivity partners for the Core Internet Gateway in and out of the Switch SUPERNAP facility.  Notice the multiple layers of redundancy and quality of the Internet Providers.  All connectivity is resilient and operates in a fabric that allows for shifting from one provider to another at ease and without disruption.


True North has you covered with direct connectivity into our True Cloud Services with over 50 on site Core Providers at the SUPERNAP 7 facility.  Direct connections into our Cloud can be provided by the providers listed below.  A vast array of private Ethernet options are available and we will negotiate on your behalf to leverage the Switch buying power and get you the most cost effective and solid solution available.  If your services require private low latency connectivity, then the direct connection option would be ideal.


Equally as impressive is the list of on-net primary backbones on site.  The graphic below represents the backbone fiber map coming in and out of the Switch infrastructure.  It is this backbone that allows for super low latency transport to other major markets.


We here at True North are always working hard to bring you the best service and experience possible.  Part of your Cloud experience is network connectivity to your Cloud services.  By selecting Switch and SUPERNAP 7 for our Las Vegas presence, we are standing by our commitment to an excellent Cloud experience.  Thank you for trusting us with your data.  We will continue to grow and enhance all aspects of our services and offerings.

**All infographics are property of Switch