supernapTrue North Cloud Services is pleased to offer secure shared customer rack space in the Switch SUPERNAP 7 tier IV Las Vegas data center.

New or existing customers can now take advantage of placing critical infrastructure hardware in the same facility as their IaaS or SaaS platform.  Redundant cross connects from the secure shared customer rack space tie into the True North Cloud IaaS and SaaS platforms. Hardware that was once required to connect to the True North Cloud over VPN or costly private lines can now be placed on premise and communicate directly to individual customer Virtual Data Centers or the True North Cloud SaaS platform.

A great use case for this option is moving customer imaging solutions such as PACS into the True North Cloud and onto the same network as Citrix application delivery solutions.  Images load much faster when located in the same physical Cloud space and on the same network as the application delivery solutions.  Latency between the PACS servers and the application delivery solutions on the same network is reduced to steady and reliable sub 0 millisecond measurements compared to completely unreliable high latency connections spanning 100’s or 1000’s of miles of physical distance.

supernap-seccommandSecurity of the physical asset is also greatly increased.  Switch SUPERNAP facilities are some of the most secure data centers in the world.  You can rest assured that physical access to the hardware is tightly controlled.  True North maintains control over the shared customer space.  Third party vendors are only allowed into the facility for warranty or repair.  These vendors are escorted and chaperoned the entire time by True North employees and Switch SUPERNAP Security Command.

Switch SUPERNAP maintains a very clean facility and the air filtration systems are second to none.  Routine air quality tests within the facility are on par with surgery rooms with near zero air contaminants are present.

A constant temperature in the 60’s provides cold air intake for your physical hardware and prolongs the life of the equipment.  It’s a known fact that hardware located in cold, clean environments will last longer compared to other less favorable environments.

Legacy customer hardware can also be temporary placed into the facility to accommodate short term data transfers into the True North Cloud and then removed.  This grants customers with large amounts of data a faster transfer method compared to transferring data over the internet.  A gradual on network migration of data into the Cloud space provides for a smooth transition when dealing with large volumes of data.

This service is reserved for new or existing IaaS or SaaS customers only.  Rack space is provided per U and per network port.  True North Cloud Services can accommodate redundant diverse path connections back to the IaaS and SaaS compute space.  Each customer rack provides dual PDUs and redundant power sources.   Each customer rack space is also equipped with automatic transfer switches (ATS) for any hardware that does not have or accommodate dual power supplies.

We believe this is a huge value add for our customers.  Granting our customers the best managed Cloud experience possible is our top priority.  While that statement encompasses many domains within our Cloud, this service really adds to the overall flexibility of our unique offering.