Hack Map

Unlike many Cloud providers, we take a very proactive approach in keeping known geolocation IP’s out of your Cloud IP space.  The True North Cloud protects the perimeter of every customer network with Cisco FIREPOWER Next Gen IPS.  One of the many IPS decisions being made in real time is whether to block or allow source IP addresses from entering your IP space.  We only allow USA and Canada IP space into our cloud.  Exceptions can be made on a customer specific basis.  In conjunction with source IP space from abroad, we also block many known bad IP addresses from inside the USA and Canada.  Attackers can originate from USA and Canada so additional layers of IPS security are still protecting data coming from within the US and Canada.

While it is common knowledge to want block source IP space we also take the same approach for outbound traffic for your Cloud space.  The same rules for inbound IPS apply to outbound IPS.  Attackers are very tricky and may enter your cloud via e-mail attachments, files, etc.  Once inside your cloud space a payload can be initiated and data can be sent out to bad IP space.  By blocking the same known bad IP space outbound we protect your data from leaving, which is just as important as keeping the same bad actors out.

Securing your Cloud is a complex task and we at True North are happy to provide this extra layer of perimeter security to our clients at no additional charge.