Who is operating your Cloud?  Who are the actual people designing, configuring and maintaining your Cloud infrastructure?  And are they qualified to do so?

These are very basic, yet very important questions that should be answered before moving your data into any public Cloud.

Operating a Cloud requires technical proficiency in many areas.  A few of the key areas of technical expertise required are Storage, Networking, Compute, Hypervisor, Security, Facilities (power/cooling) and Internet Connectivity.

Operating a scalable, resilient, available and high-performance Cloud places a lot of emphasis on the Hypervisor layer of the Cloud stack.  The ability to maximize the Hypervisor capabilities is becoming paramount as more domains are being moved into the software layer.  Software defined networking (SDN) and software defined storage (SDS) are examples of previously separate domains being moved into the software/Hypervisor layer to increase flexibility and speed of deployment.

A Cloud at its core is simply a consumable set of resources.  Moving from physically deployed and configured resource to software defined and virtually deployed resources allows for resources to be delivered and consumed at a faster pace.  It arguably removes or limits human error as well.

With an increased emphasis at the software layer it is important to have qualified and trained individuals operating the Cloud Hypervisor.

True North depends on a highly skilled staff of VMware certified experts to manage their vSphere Cloud stack.

Within the Cloud Services team there are many VMware certifications across multiple areas of expertise.  The True North Cloud services team has focused on Data Center Virtualization, Cloud Infrastructure and Network Virtualization certifications.

The Cloud Services team holds the following VMware certifications and accreditations.

  • 6 x VCIX Certifications
  • 7 x VCAP Certifications
  • 8 x VCP Certifications
  • 4 x VTSP Accreditations
  • 6 x VSP Accreditations
  • 2 x multi year “vExperts” in both Data Center Virtualization and Network Virtualization

Cloud Services also maintains the following Partner levels for True North ITG.

  • VMware Enterprise Solutions Provider
  • VMware Enterprise Service Provider

True North Cloud Services understands the importance of maintaining a highly skilled staff.  The team is adding to the above list of VMware certifications on a regular basis.

These certifications along with years of experience help us deliver a great Cloud platform but more importantly, empower our customers to succeed.