True North has selected Nimble for all future production storage in our True Cloud Server IaaS and Zerto Replication product lines.


Our IaaS environment is now fully backed in our Las Vegas facility by Nimble’s outstanding performance and scalability.  All virtual infrastructure assets in Las Vegas can take full advantage of the performance provided by low latency, high IOPS and Nimble’s unique abilities in the way in which they read and write data.  Our Seattle facility is being transitioned as I write this.  Some customers in our Seattle facility have already been seamlessly migrated.

Our customers ability to operate as efficiently as possible is paramount to our success.

Providing the best possible solution to meet the needs of our clients and their respective customer base is our priority.  Nimble was able to help us fulfill our priorities and deliver performance to our clients quickly.  We look forward to a long relationship with Nimble and providing our customers with the performance they deserve.