APC-PDU-1All compute node and storage racks in the Seattle facility have been modified to handle larger power draw. Power upgrades and availability are not the most celebrated enhancements but do play an extremely vital role in Cloud computing.  Rack space is real estate that costs money.  Power, cooling and space are costs passed along to customer when providing services out of a data center.  Todays compute nodes are capable of housing very large quantities of processing power in a very small form factor.  A single 1U, dual processor, 44 (88) core server with 3TB of memory is a tremendously dense unit. Blade servers are equally as dense per U.  Storage is packing similar density figures and ratios into small form factors.  75TB of useable storage in 3U of space is very common.

Density creates architectural design considerations such as risk tolerance, failover capacity and power draw.  That processing power Dell-Examplesrequires actual power. We make every effort possible to purchase power efficient devices and in turn lower the cost of compute to our customers.

The Seattle facility rack space has been retrofitted and upgraded to handle higher amounts of power draw and keep up with current and future power requirements for high density computing.