True North Cloud Services has deployed additional Nimble Hybrid Flash Storage in our Las Vegas facility to accommodate growth and customer adoption of both IaaS and Replication offerings.

Nimble storage is backing much of IaaS offering as well as our replication offering in our Las Vegas presence within SUPERNAP 7.

It is imperative that we provide the most cost effective performance storage for our clients.  The blend of cost and performance is unbeatable.  This unique blend allows us to offer performance storage at a great cost to our customers.

While IaaS customers see this performance every day, our replication customers rarely use it.  Our replication customers inbound data also lands on Nimble Storage. And while that may sound like a waste of high performance storage, it is not.  We want to provide high performance storage in the case of failover and not require data to move from one tier of storage to another.  Failover customers run their resources in our Cloud on the exact same high performance type of storage as our production IaaS customers.  It is very rare to find a replication partner that places inbound replication data on storage with hundreds of thousands of IOPS available.

We are that replication partner!