MFA 01

True North Cloud Services has deployed Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) provided by Microsoft Azure to secure our SaaS platform.  Multi Factor Authentication ensures that two forms of authentication are provided in order to access your SaaS cloud resources.  Clients have the option of Phone Call, SMS or Mobile App verification post password acceptance.  While this may take a few brief seconds to complete the response process it is a much more secure manner to enter your Cloud space.  Most users have opted for the SMS option.  The SMS is received almost immediately post password acceptance and users are logged into their Cloud space as fast as they can type the challenge response and hit send.

MFA 02

The graphic to the left illustrates the process that occurs during MFA.

We provide Multi Factor Authentication into our SaaS offering at no additional charge.  We are dedicated to providing the best possible experience to our customers and we take security seriously.  We believe that this solution is one of the best possible products on the market today and provides a user friendly secure connectivity method.  While not all customers may opt in and participate in MFA, we strongly advise that they do.  We feel so strongly about this that we are providing this to our customers at no charge.

Secure customers are happy customers!