tedTed Grandpre co-founded True North ITG with Matt Murren and Jordan Shaw in 2002 and today holds the title of Director of Cloud Services.  While the company and mission statement has evolved over time, Ted has always stayed true to our original roots and strives to provide the best customer experience possible.

Ted has been in the IT industry and responsible for 24/7/365 customer facing services and critical infrastructure for over 20 years spanning retail, e-commerce and Cloud services.

Ted’s Cloud Services team is responsible for providing the Cloud infrastructure required to operate 1,000’s of virtual machines every day in multiple data centers.  Over 10,000 end users rely on the Cloud Services teams’ expertise and dedication to operate each day.

As an Engineer at heart, Ted is continually improving all aspects of the Cloud Services team as well as True North in general.  It is his passion for our client’s success that drives him and his team to maintain and evolve a reliable and high-performance cloud environment.

He is truly dedicated to our customers success as well as our own.

On a personal note, Teds spare time is dedicated to his wife, French Bulldog, wildlife activities and wildlife conservation.  He has spent time in over 100 parks in Africa alone and acts as our in-house “David Attenborough”.

Ted draws inspiration from others who are/were dedicated to helping other people and wildlife in need such as Bill and Melinda Gates, The Dalai Lama, Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu, Jane Goodall and Daphne Sheldrick.

(yeah, I wrote this in third person and it was really weird)