True North ITG has leveraged VMware’s NSX functionality to secure its Veeam Cloud Connect offering out of their Las Vegas location.

True North ITG is able to limit human error and increase efficiency by using dynamic Security Groups that include particular VM’s based on a standard internal naming convention and VM role.  These Security Groups have a predefined set of allowed access rules and limit traffic accordingly.

veeam_cloud_logoAdditional Veeam Cloud Connect virtual assets are dynamically assigned as True North ITG scales its Veeam Cloud Connect offering.  Veeam WAN Accelerators, Veeam Cloud Gateways and Veeam Repository servers are automatically placed into their proper security groups upon creation.  This dynamic allocation of virtual resources and security drastically cuts down the possibility of security misconfigurations.

VMWare NSX allows True North to easily adopt SDN and move their business forward and deliver services and satisfaction to their customer base.  NSX allows for quicker and more secure deployments with minimal effort.

Utilizing micro segmentation and a flat network increases simplicity and limits traditional routing to and from an internal gateway or security appliance.  All access rules are applied at the Security Group container and processed without additional routing or hardware.VMW-NSX-Logo1

When it comes to offsite backup of your critical data it is imperative to know that every security precaution possible is being evaluated.  These precautions extend to policies and procedures.  By shifting the security access rules into the automated software defined data center, True North has removed potential for failure and vulnerability.

NSX is enabling True North ITG to deliver a secure and efficient Veeam Cloud Connect platform.